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How Lean Affects the lives of practitioners; a personal journey

To my eyes, looks like Lean practitioners are preparing themselves at all times. It`s not surprise that a typical Lean practitioner writes about the latest book he has readen, share with the audience personnel reflections on situations from work or from his/her own impressions about the latest news.
They seem to be well informed, with the aim of improve their lives, expand their knowledge and looking for weaknesses, in order to improve.
Lean practitioners seem to be constantly preparing themselves
 absorbing knowledge from other authors.

This is intrinsic in the Lean methodology/philosophy. The aim for continuous improvement, never be satisfy, seak for perfection. Lean really gets to the heart of the people. First because they seem to take pride and joy on their work. Also because they believe what they preach. Lean is, for me, about people as it is a system to advance and overcome obstacles. Being people one of the key elements on it, should`t surprise us that Lean practitioners, try to improve their lives as well as their work.

Lean is a journey, a personal one.

It is common that when talking about Lean, companies and practitioners say it is a journey. It`s true. So much has happened, since Toyota started with the idea of stop manufacturing looms and started manufacturing cars. Also so much happened since Deming taught the western industry how to remain competitive and defeat Japanese competition.
And much more, since most big companies started to embrace Lean and some, started to combine it with Six Sigma. Lean has evolved too. But the main principles, remain. Despite the technology, new trends, competition and troubles in the world (Remember 2008 recession) Lean is still the way to improve with the people, and therefore achieve break through results. For pratitioners it`s hard to separate the knowledge and experience acquired through lean from their lives. Usually, Lean practitioners, add their personnel learnings into Lean deployments and their work in general, which seems to resemble old Buddhist masters than business men.
One key characteristic I have found in them, is the knowledge in themselves. They are able to know their weaknesses  as well as their strenghts. That, I believe is a signal of humility and the continuous quest for perfection. Because as you know what to improve in yourself, would be easier to actually improve and evolve as a person and practitioner.

Sharing some personal improvements.

I don`t consider myself an expert or highly skilled Lean practitioner. Since I have been practicing Lean for 6 years now, and still got so much to learn. But right now, I`m going through a period of transformation. Both physical and mental. Since I have started a new nutritional regime to improve my weight, and finally my health.  also through a mental change, since I`m working with a therapist to improve certain aspects in my personality that will improve my quality of life, and I`m sure, will impact my professional life as well.  I know this aren´t the final changes I would be doing. I feel that the more I know about Lean, the more I embrace change easily. I know too, this isn´t easy. Many people do not embrace change as easily, mainly because every change involves leaving old ways and try something new. But to be honest, once one start practicing Lean, and when results are visible it´s  almost like a drug. You can´t stop trying new things.

But not everything is cool in change. For me, accepting that help was needed, wasn´t that simple. Sometimes, may get the feeling that no help is required, since in reality, we help people, we don´t get help. Ego is speaking. And to be honest is tough, accepting that we aren´t superman. It takes guts and humility to understand that before practitioners, we are humans. And as any other human we, sometimes need help. Sometimes that help comes in the form of a therapist, or a personal trainer, or a mentor. Or sometimes a friend, who is able to listen and give some advice. 
It´s true. Lean changes people for the better.

Thanks for reading, I would love to read about changes in your personal life, work or else. Or maybe you're reading something that´s worth telling us about. Please leave a comment or just share if you like this post.

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